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State of the Union or “State of the Onion?”

“It just makes me want to cry!” – Yusuf Estes

An American Muslim from Texas talks about current events

Dateline: Jan 30, 2002 – WASHINGTON (Today Islam – USA) [click here]

Thursday, September 13, 2001


Dallas-area Mosque Target of Shooting


Associated Press

IRVING – At least six bullets shattered windows of a North Texas Mosque this morning, causing about $3,000 in damage, officials said.

Windows at the Islamic Center of Irving were found shot out when workers arrived at the mosque about 6 a.m. Nobody was at the mosque when the shooting occurred and no injuries were reported.

About 800 people attend services at the center.

Irving police were investigating the incident.

It was not immediately clear if the shooting was related to Tuesday's terrorist attacks along the East Coast.

"It's very sad. We're just trying as any Americans, any Muslim-American, to comprehend what happened and why it happened ... we called on our community for a blood drive, we set a fund for donations and we made a special prayer last night ... and to come in the morning and find out a place of worship like this trashed," Alkawldeh said, his voice trembling.

"We have children, we have family ... we have to shut down our school operation for two days now so I hope the law enforcement agency come also to our help as Muslims, as citizens of this country," he said.

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