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Terrorists Attack Muslims


The Forum on Today Islam
Topic: TERRORISM & ISLAM - What is the Connection?

What does Islam say about VIOLENCE & TERRORISM? 


How Can We Stop Them? 

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Everyone's talking about Islam and the Muslims these days. They say; "Islam is this-and-that" and "it teaches so-and-so" and "this-and-that". The Muslims are "such-and-such" and they "do this-or-that".  

Unfortunately, some of their statements are true, while others are not totally correct. 

But in some cases very misleading, if not outright lies!... Read More

But how can we know what is the real "ISLAM" and who are the "REAL MUSLIMS"? ... Read More

That is the purpose of this discussion group. It was started by a small group of American Muslims (converts to Islam) in Texas called "Today Islam".

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