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Our Project's called "ISLAM TOMORROW" for a reason.

It is our intent, if Allah will accept it, to present the true meanings and understanding of the real Islam in light of modern technology, science and world conditions.

It is our firm belief that Islam and ONLY ISLAM is the absolute and perfect answer to all of the ailments of the problems of living in today's world.

To a Muslim, each and every action in his or her regular daily life can be considered as worship to Almighty Allah, provided that the intentions are pure and righteous.

But it is important to focus NOT on cultures, ethnic backgrounds and ancient traditions which are not substantiated by the Quran and teachings of the Prophet, peace be upon him, but rather on workable applications and solutions to real difficulties in the real world.

As such, this portion of our web site is for dealing with these day to day issues for everyone who is interested in knowing the workable solutions of Islam in daily living for all times.

Most important is to have input from our readers at this stage to participate by writing, emailing and providing ideas and questions necessary to provide continued direction of the dialogs.

What Does Allah Say About Everything?
Allah The Almighty, has said in His Final Revelation to mankind that He is with those who persevere, remain steadfast and are patient in the trials, calamities and tests of this life. He has told us in His Book, that He will test us. After all, that is why He put us on this earth in the first place. The close meaning to one of the most simple yet, startling verses in the Holy Quran, says that Allah created us all only for worship to Him Alone Likewise, He tells us that He has perfected our way of life (through Islam) and has ordained for us to live in the Way of Islam (submission to Him).

Additionally, He says that He will never test anyone beyond the scope of their limits and capabilities. And that after each hardship, He will make it twice as easy for us.

While at the same time, He is clear on the subject of those who knowingly reject His message and those whom He has sent as messengers (prophets). Their end will be misery and punishment and they will regret not having followed this wonderful solution to mankind's worse aliment, his own self-destructive greed.

Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said: The entire material world is cursed and all that is in it is cursed, except for these things:

  1. The remembering and thinking of Allah and those things that cause you to remember Allah.
  2. A knowledgeable person and one seeking knowledge.
And he also said:

This worldly, materialistic life is real prison to the true believer, while it is a paradise to the disbeliever.

Islam teaches us how to be worshippers of Allah the Almighty in all that we do throughout our entire lives, so much so that even smiling to each other can be considered as an act of charity and removing a piece of trash out of the path of the believers is considered an act of worship. Honesty and fairness in our mutual dealings with each other is a must.

Most important of all, Islam teaches that by surrendering our free will to the WILL of ALMIGHTY, submitting and obeying His terms and conditions only for His sake is in fact the single biggest way to achieve success of this life and in the Next Life.

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