Saturday, September 30, 2001


Acts of Terrorism - Not ISLAM


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Terrorists are not Muslims – 

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Acts of Terrorism attributed to the Taliban (the Afghanistan Ruling Party) or any other Muslim groups or organizations must not be equated with Islam.  Instead, if one acts like a Judge or a Jury, he or she will evaluate their actions in the light of injunctions of Holy Quran (God's commands and Final Guidance), the practice of the Final Prophet of God-Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his companions and the Four rightly guided Islamic Rulers (may Allah be pleased with them) after him before saying any thing false about Islam because God and His Religion (Islam) are pure from injustice, unholy, merciless and cruel practices. God Almighty Allah teaches even to forego our rights to please one who is angry with us or even our enemy, and to make him happy by such acts so that he sees the beauty and truthfulness of God's Gift (that is Islam) and is liberated from the Satan's influence and the path of Hell Fire. God commands us to do justice even with our enemies because doing. Justice with all is the one of the important criteria for being a Believer in Allah and the Sign that a Believer is not just a Believer but He is a True and Obedient Servant of God who dislikes making His Lord Angry.  We can't just say that we believe in Allah, the God who is Just and then in the same breathe act mercilessly with the people, especially women and children, without caring for their needs and sentiments. But how can such people and their harsh methods and thinking style bring any glory to Islam and to themselves? Time will tell!

They fight their own brethren among Islamic community and are not ready for reconciliation with any one. The thinking or intellectual level may not be on the same line as that of intelligent Americans, Japanese or Europeans.  So, we must not think as they do. Our thinking must be based on the ideology taught to us by God and His Final Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

And because any organization bearing any muslim name and other people are free to say and do what they like. If they are doing such acts that are at times in total disagreement with the way of final Prophet of God and His successors (the Four Rightly Guided Khalifas), then one must not blame Islam.  A student's mistakes and wrong acts must not necessarily be hurled on the shoulders of his teachers.

During the time of Islam's Final Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) people used to do such things which were not permitted in Islam and they were punished by God's Prophet.  But today in the absence of any Ruler (Khalifa) like Syedina- Abubakr , Omar or Ali, or the one who strictly adheres to their way of thinking and justice, most of the people dare to do all such things in the name of Islam (from within the fraternity of Islam) or say against it such things from among those who are without Islam.  This shows how far the faith of people in God has eroded notwithstanding their external features and tall talks. It must be noted that Allah Almighty who is Just and but at the same time punishes severely as well for the injustice and cruelty done on others by any person, not mattering whether one is muslim or non- muslim, upholds His Guidance regarding Justice and behavior with all people including our own relatives and all other human beings who are also Allah's servants or creatures.

Here is an earnest request to all people who are created by Almighty Allah and eat His "Salt" not to jump into conclusion without first referring to Al Qurán and the Traditions of His Final Prophet Muhammad (if at all they want to do justice to themselves).  None can harm God and Islam.  But one can harm him or her. Do you still insist on acting without God's Guidance?


Windows at the Islamic Center of Irving were found shot out when workers arrived at the mosque about 6 a.m. Nobody was at the mosque when the shooting occurred and no injuries were reported.

About 800 people attend services at the center.

Irving police were investigating the incident.

It was not immediately clear if the shooting was related to Tuesday's terrorist attacks along the East Coast.

"It's very sad. We're just trying as any Americans, any Muslim-American, to comprehend what happened and why it happened ... we called on our community for a blood drive, we set a fund for donations and we made a special prayer last night ... and to come in the morning and find out a place of worship like this trashed," Alkawldeh said, his voice trembling.

"We have children, we have family ... we have to shut down our school operation for two days now so I hope the law enforcement agency come also to our help as Muslims, as citizens of this country," he said.

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