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by U.S. National

Chaplain for Muslims - Yusuf Estes

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Osama Bin Laden

"Does This Man Represent One and a Half Billion Muslims in the World?"
(Thank God!)


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“Terrorists have hijacked a plane!”REAL WAR ON TERRORISM OR ISLAM?

“Terrorists are holding hostages!”

“Terrorists have bombs!”

“I feel like someone has broken into my home, killed my family and the police are blaming me!” - quote Washington, DC area Muslim.

There is no doubt that everyone in the United Sates is at last in agreement on at least one thing: Terrorists are Horrible

But what is not clear in the minds of Americans at this moment is the fact that Muslims are NOT terrorists. Islam does not teach terrorism, bombing, kidnapping, hijacking and murder. Quite the opposite is true. Even the "Jihad" [often misunderstood to mean "Holy War") is nothing like the newspapers and television media have portrayed it in the past. It was only recently, since the September 11, attack on New York and Washington, DC that the press and broadcast communications have taken the time to correct their most obvious mistakes in reporting.

One of the principle words derived from the root of the meaning of the word "Islam" [click for details] is indeed, "PEACE."
How could anyone in the professional journalism business be so naive as to not know that there is a difference between someone who commits certain horrible acts who just also happens to belong to a religion, and the religion itself. I think they do now.

Timothy McViegh blew up the Federal Building in Oklahoma City a number of years back was a Roman Catholic. Did anyone accuse the church for what he did?

Irish Catholics and Irish Protestants killed each other for years over religious issues yet, the media in this case, did the media ignore this fact?

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