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We hear so much about "miracles" today. But what are they really?

"The lame shall walk. The blind shall see. The leper shall be cured. The dead shall rise from the grave."

What do "experts" tell us about these miracles?

Some stories talk about people who "walk on water" or "fly through the air." Yet others tell us about crippled people who are suddenly cured while doctors stand by amazed at these impossible results. Still others would have us believe that certain people can predict the future or "read" people's minds.

Islam is clear on the subject of "miracles."

First of all we have to know that there is a difference between miracles and "unusual phenomenon" or strange signs. In Arabic, the language of the Quran, the word "muwajaza" would mean miracle; the word "karamat" would mean "small miracle or phenomenon"; and "ayah" would mean "sign" from Almighty God.

Miracles are used to demonstrate the authenticity of the prophets of Allah. But ordinary people do not have such abilities. Phenomenon can be experienced by anyone, but in particular to those who are really religious Muslims (followers of Islam). The Signs of Allah come in the mighty mysteries and other phenomenon are the things that happen that are totally unaccountable except by understanding the real truth of things.

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