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Who Are We? What About "Islam Tomorrow"? Good Questions!

We are American Muslims living in the United States who have come to Islam. It is our pleasure and privilege to serve Allah by spreading the true message of Pure Islam without cultural, traditional or nationalistic prejudices and corruption. We love Islam and what it teaches - Peace with God!

Are You Ready to Join Together and Share the Rewards With Us?

Begin by making dua (praying) after every fardh salat (obligatory prayers) and asking Allah to help us bring the truth to the people, especially to our Muslim children everywhere.

Then in the night prayers be sure to stay up part of every night and ask Allah to help us do this work for His sake. Then - tell others.

Put links in all your emails - mention our sites in the blogs and forums on the internet. Give out business cards with the words "Share" or "Bridge To".

You can make up bumpers stickers with the words "Worship the Creator - Not His Creation" and then include our website:

And use our audios & videos and websites everyday - Share (really).

Every little bit helps! And Allah Rewards According to the Intention!

Peace; Submission; Surrender and Obedience to Almighty God (Allah).
By the Mercy of Almighty Allah we have been helping 1,000s of new Muslims to Islam since beginning our project several years ago. Brothers and sisters share the efforts, the work and the expenses to benefit all of us.

Our Projects:
Muslims are ordered by Allah to learn, teach & share the message of true Islam

1. Helping 1,000s to come to true Islam
2. Live Broadcasts - on the Internet - Daily
3. MSA "Islam Awareness Week" (Muslim Student Assoc.) Since 1991
4. Prison Dawah Federal, State & County Facilities (hundreds of new Muslims)
5. FREE Qurans in different languages - (since 1991) Thousands given out.
6. 10,000+ Videos & Audios (What is Islam - Daddy Tell Me About God - Common Sense of Islam)
7. Lectures, Seminars, Conferences & Workshops about Islam & Muslims
8. TV & Radio - 100s of Shows
9. Millions of Books, Audios, CDs, Videos, Pamphlets & Brochures on Islam
10. Islam website

This job is a must for all of us. We invite & encourage you to accept our invitation to be part of sharing true information about Islam.

And of course, you should make dua' (supplication) that Allah will accept from all of us. Your sincere and accepted prayers will suffice if you are not able to do more than that. But at least do pray and ask Allah to Help us all, ameen.

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