A Great Place to Stay -   Earth - ---  by Yusuf Estes

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Earth Poem
Recited by Yusuf Estes

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They call it the "Third rock from the sun"-- 
            and it's the place where we live, work and have fun.

Our lives are all balanced in a delicate theme-- 
            Allah is the Planner and Creator, it is all in His scheme.

If we were just ten degrees closer to His creation, the sun-- 
            by the increase in heat, we would all b

And then if from the sun, we were only ten degrees farther away-- 
            then only on 
SOLID ICE   would find any place to stay!

Allah gives us plenty of water and air-- 
             not found anywhere else in the universe - Not anywhere!

Who, but Allah could Plan and Maintain without any goof-- 
             such a place for us to live and offer so much proof!

We can see and enjoy Allah's creation of earth-- 
            but to Allah, we only have any value and worth,

If we acknowledge Him, alone as Creator and Sustainer of all-- 
            then thank and worship Him Alone,
                          -- without any partners at all.

We ask Allah, our Planner, Creator and Sustainer to forgive us for taking His treasures and blessings for granted, ameen.