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The Hadeeth 
(Sayings & Teachings of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him)

This page was first uploaded in 1999. [Ramadan 1420]
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What time are we living in today?

Consider this very important subject.

Many Muslims are being misled by the very devil himself regarding hadith.

It is a fact that some of our brothers and sisters in Islam today misunderstand, ignore, disregard or even deny entirely the importance of the hadith (sayings, teachings and instructions of the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him).

For this reason, we feel a deep and serious need to present a clear, concise and accurate understanding of the value hadith for the true believers of Muslims.

...[these are the selections I am in the process of developing for reference on this most important subject which is still under construction, inshalllah]
  1. Position of Hadeeth in Islam
  2. Relevance of hadeeth
  3. Types of Hadeeth
  4. Authority of Hadeeth
  5. Narrators of Hadeeth
  6. Collections of Hadeeth
  7. Understanding Hadeeth
  8. Application of Hadeeth
  9. Samples of Hadith (Sahih Muslim)

... see also: Fiqh

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