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Bismilah Rahman Raheem

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"Do They Have a Place in Islam?"

Al-Hamdulilah Rabbil Alameen. Wa Salat wa Salam 'alar Rasool al-Kareem. The Praise is to Allah the Lord of the Worlds and the Peace of Allah be upon the Messenger Muhammad.

The subject of "Gays " is certainly a topic of concern for all of us. So much so, that we have decided to publish a page regarding the subject with the hopes that Allah will accept it on our record of good deeds.

If you have any comments on this subject we welcome your input and ask that you support your position with evidence from either of the "Two Sources of Islam" (The Holy Qur'an and/or Sunnah of the Prophet, peace be upon him). Statements based on other than Islam will be considered simply emotional or theoretical opinion without substantial support.

Please send your replies or comments to me at: [email protected]

Salam Alaykum wa Rahmatullah
Dear Respected Brothers and Sisters in Islam,

May Allah Bless us all with Guidance from Him and victory over the non-believers. Ameen. May Allah Grant us Protection from the Shayton and keep us on the Straight Path. Ameen.

First of all, let us consider what Allah Ta'ala has said in His Book the Holy Qur'an about the subject of "GAYS":

1.) Quran is clear as regards the "People of Lot" read more...

2.) Fatwa (Islamic Ruling) Scholars of Islam have ruled that 'gays' must  read more ..

3.) Are They Going to the Fire? (HELL) read more ...

Please take time to review what Allah has said in the Quran to understand more fully the very deep and severe problem of homosexuality in today's society. Any comments by me with this regard should be only understood to apply toward those who openly admit to such activities and not to cast suspicion on the innocent. Additionally if a person would die in this condition (as a "gay") then he would be in serious problem, likely to enter HELL. A'outhubillah. 
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I could not help sharing some of the sentiments of a brother who spoke out against them so strongly in a recent Email that he sent to a number of people.
However, the term "kafar" or "kufr" is a very dangerous term and one that can only be applied in certain circumstances lest it back-fire on us. Shayton would like us to misuse this term so as to qualify for the Hell Fire ourselves. Aouthu-bi-lah.
I would like to quote the brother's message (without mentioning his name of course) and then make an observation about what might be the correct view and position of the Muslim on this very serious
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Scholars of Islam have already made it clear what the position is on those who engage in homosexual activities. Read what Dr. Jafaar Sheikh Idrees says on the subject and then realize once and
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We should be aware, especially when considering putting our children in public schools and day care centers where these types of people can work and come in contact with them without anyone being able to say a word.

Please pray for all of us to be on the Straight Path of Allah.
May Allah save us all from deviations in actions and belief. Ameen.
May He Forgive us and make us all on the 'straight path. Ameen.
May He Forgive me for my poor ways of explanation. Ameen.
May He Grant Patience to all who have to endure my writings and speeches. 
May He not make me a trial to others and May He Guide us all to a better understanding of our deen. Ameen.

Jazakalahu Khayran wa Salamu Alaykum wa Rahmatulahi wa Barakatahu.

Your brother in Islam,
Yusuf Estes,
National Muslim Chaplain
Delegate to United Nations World Peace Summit for Religious Leaders
Founder of [IslamAlways.com]

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