A Great Place to Stay - Earth!

They call it the "Third rock from the sun" --

and it's the place where we live, work and have fun.

Our lives are all balanced in a delicate theme --

Allah is the Planner and Creator, it is all in His scheme.

--- by Yusuf Estes
Earth - A Great Place to Stay

If we were just ten degrees closer to His creation, the sun--
by the increase in heat, we'd all be WELL DONE!

And if then from the sun, we were only ten degrees farther away--
only on solid ice would find any place to stay!

  • Allah gives us plenty of water and air--
    • not found anywhere else in the universe - Not anywhere!
  • Who, but Allah could Plan and Maintain without any goof--
    • such a place for us to live and offer so much proof
  • We can see and enjoy Allah's creation of earth--
    • but to Allah, we only have any value and worth,
  • If we acknowledge Him, alone as Creator and Sustainer of all--
    • then thank and worship Him Alone, -- without any partners at all.

We ask Allah, our Planner, Creator and Sustainer to forgive us
for taking all of His treasures and blessings for granted, ameen

Why Do Muslims Say:

- Yusuf Estes