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General Overview
Presenting Real Islam in Simple English

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We are American Muslims living in the United States who have come to Islam. It is our pleasure and privilege to serve Allah by spreading the true message of Pure Islam without cultural, traditional or nationalistic prejudices and corruption.

By the Mercy of Almighty Allah we have been helping 1,000s of new Muslims to Islam since beginning our project years ago. Brothers and sisters share the efforts, the work and the expenses to benefit all of us.

We love Islam and the real message that it teaches:
Peace; Submission; Surrender and Obedience to Almighty God (Allah)

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And of course, you should make dua' (supplication) that Allah will accept from all of us. Your sincere and accepted prayers will suffice if you are not able to do more than that. But at least do pray and ask Allah to Help us all, ameen.

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