The 300's
When the year 300 dawned, the world around the Mediterranean Sea was pagan, but when it closed it was a Christian world.  Please use Go to index buttons to find further breakdown of persons, places and events of 300's.
Churches Outside the Empire 

303 Diocletian Persecution   

312 Constantine become Emperor  

313 Edict of Milan 

314 Donatist Heresy  

314 Council of Ancyra  

320 Rise of Arianism     

324 Constantine Sole Emperor   

325 Council of Nicaea  

326 Finding of True Cross   

327 After Nicaea  

328 Athanasius I 

335 Athanasius II   

340 Eustasthius of Antioch   

342 Council of Serdica 

350 Athanasius III  

351 CyrilofJerusalem  

357 Athanasius' Friends 
       St. Hilary  
        Pope Liberius

362 Athanasius IV  

370 Basil the Great 

374 Ambrose 

379 Theodosius I 

379 Antioch Council  
       380 Thessolonika Edict  
      "Catholic" Church  

380 Gregory Nazianzus 

381 Constantinople I 


Patriarchs in 300's 
        300's Patriarchs p.2