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Mainly used for writing Arabic on any non-Arabic Windows.

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Al-Mu`aathen Islamic Call Prayer  
From Harf Islamic Programming

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First WEB based Prayer calculation software

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Azkar Program
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Download Bukhari & Imam Malik Hadeeth books (Arabic)

ICQ -Hadeeth Of The Day For Subscribe Send To 19530021 brother AHMEDOSS only Arabic !

Get Free Arabic Islamic Books and Tapes

Download Free Islamic Books  

Download Free Islamic Books (Arabic)

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Get Free Copy For Al-Jumuah Magazine ,USA

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Nice Islamic ScreenSever`s

Hajj Screen Sever

Science Screen Saver

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Nice Arabic Screen Sever

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Virtual Greeting Cards for Muslims

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Muslim Prayer Times

FREE! Add your local Masjid, organization or business to this site

Nice Islamic History Maps

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