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Why Are So Many People Entering Islam-Even After Sept.11?"..
"Yusuf Estes" Ex-Christian Preacher & Former Catholic Priest Enter Islam
Complete story of Sheik Yusuf Estes, his wife and minister father and a Catholic priest -
all entering Islam
"This story can make you cry" ...
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Yusuf Estes - Ex-Christian Preacher tells his story
Rev. Benjamin Keldani - was a priest - came to Islam

Why Are So Many Priests & Preachers Entering ISLAM?

Former Bishop Accepted Islam
(author of famous book "Muhammad in the Bible")
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Another "Yusuf" enters Islam
Goes to Prison - Learns Islam - Becomes a Muslim
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Yusuf Ansari - Enters Islam - In Prison
Yusuf Ansari Enters Islam

Sister Hayat wated to become a "Nun"
She was a Christian with "too many questions."
A sister's story of "Dealing Directly with God"

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Sisters entering Islam

Sister Kelly
Another Sister

(15 years old) Becomes Muslim
Surrounded by Christians - Hard, but not impossible
Story of 15 year old girl coming to Islam
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Sister Kylie
Made Shahadah in Arabic - by herself
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Women Converting?
Read for yourself
If Islam is "abusive to women" - then why are so many embracing Islam?

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Sister Huda Dodge
"My Path to Islam"
She tells her story in detail.

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